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24300 Southfield Road, Suite 210,
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Can I Keep Some Credit Cards If I Declare Bankruptcy?

The bankruptcy code imposed upon you to list all your debts, your creditors including your mortgage company, your auto loan or lease company on your bankruptcy schedules. You can’t do a partial bankruptcy, listing most of your debts but hiding one or two that you don’t want to be affected. You must include every debt on which you are legally obligated.

If you do not include a debt in your formal bankruptcy documents when you file your case you risk not discharging that debt at the time all your other debts are discharged. You cannot pick and choose the creditors you list on your bankruptcy schedules and should include creditors who have either written off, charged off, or sold your debt to a collection agency or debt buyer.

You should also provide the name and address of any creditor’s representative (attorney or debt collector). See Section 523(a)(3) of the Bankruptcy Code. If you list all of creditors and you wish to keep one of your credit cards open then it is up to your credit card company if they let you. It really comes down to the status of your credit card and which credit card company we’re talking about.

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