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24300 Southfield Road, Suite 210,
Southfield, Michigan 48075

What is The First Step in Filing For Bankruptcy?

At BankruptcyTrack, the Chapter 7 process usually commences after a consultation (usually at no charge) with one of our Detroit bankruptcy attorneys in Southfield office or on the phone. The initial consultation allows our Detroit bankruptcy attorneys to discuss your situation so they can determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 or chapter 13, and if it is the best option for your situation.

Before we file your bankruptcy petition in Detroit, you must go through a mandatory credit counseling program within six months of trying to file. After this process has been completed, we will file your bankruptcy petition in court and once we file your petition, a debtor education course is required before a discharge will be granted to you. We will provide you with list of credit counseling services that approved by the court. Next, we draw upon all the information you supplied, to prepare the various forms, schedules and addendum required by the bankruptcy court. During this process, if we have any questions or need any additional information, we will call you.

After all the forms, schedules and addendum are prepared, you will come into our office for a final signing appointment. At this appointment, we will go over all the final documents and have you sign them. After your signing, we will file the final signed documents with the Bankruptcy Court.